Activities at Sæból & Betty's Beach

The remote valley provides an amazing home-base for all kinds of activities year-round. From skiing to surfing to just disconnecting and unwinding, you´ve found the perfect place for it. We welcome adventurous small groups, and we are happy to help you with logistics and provide more information for planning your trip. See below for ideas about what is possible at Sæból - if you have another idea in mind just get in touch to ask!

Arctic Surfing

Betty's Beach is quickly becoming a popular place to find great surf, and have the beach all to yourself.

Betty's Beach was one of the locations featured in the Arctic Surfers video, and Ice, Ice, Baby: An Icelandic Surf Journey.

Backcountry Skiing & Ski Touring

The farm is the perfect place to climb the surrounding mountains and ski back straight to your accommodations and the sea. The remoteness of the farm means you will have the mountains to yourself and some incredible views to meet you at the top. If you would like we are happy to put you in touch with local ski guides. 


In summertime, it is possible to hike more or less wherever you would like in the area and explore the landscape. Hiking to the top of the mountains provides an amazing view of Flateyri or out to the ocean.