Sæból 3 is a historic farm in one of the most remote parts of Iceland. The farm has been in our family for seven generations, and has always been a place for gatherings and outdoor activities. Kristín's mother, Betty, lives at Sæból 2 and the farm is still very much a part of our family. Visitors will find a truly authentic experience of life in the Westfjords, past and present. Sæból provides amazing access to the mountains and the sea, and the opportunity to enjoy the remoteness and quiet that make the Westfjords so special.


Sæból 3 is an ideal location for small groups looking for a home base for outdoor activities, or for an authentic experience of life in the Westfjords. The valley is truly remote - reachable by car only some of the year and without reliable phone or internet service, so it is the ideal place to unwind, disconnect your email, and enjoy the spectacular mountains and ocean surrounding the farm. In the past we have hosted groups of skiers, surfers, hikers, and groups who want to simply enjoy Icelandic nature at its best.

The house at Sæból 3 can sleep 1-8 people.

As mentioned above, there is no internet connection at Sæból and little cellphone reception, but a landline phone is available in case of emergency.

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Sæból is located in a remote valley, accessible via Núpur in Dýrafjörður. The valley is not always accessible by car, during winter it is sometimes necessary to park at the end of the road and snowmobile in.

To get here take route 60 from Þingeyri or Ísafjörður, and turn off at the road to Núpur. Continue along road 624. Contact us if you have questions about transportation to the valley.


Guests should be sure to stock up on groceries and other needs in Ísafjörður before coming to Sæból.

Youcan get access at internet and there is very limited mobile phone reception in the valley.



The history of settlement at Sæból 3 goes back almost a thousand years, and has been in our family since the late 17th century. For many generations Sæból 3 has been a place for community events and all kinds of groups to meet, despite its remote location. The Vonaland (Hope-land) meeting house has been home to school classes, a movie theatre, Christmas dances, young men´s club meetings, and more. 

Betty's Handicrafts

If you are in the market for an authentic lopapeysa (Icelandic sweater) or one-of-a-kind jewelery, you can find unique handicrafts - all made by Betty - for sale at Sæból 2.